Case Study – IANZ Pre-Audit

Tauranga City Council

Tauranga City Council is the local government which promotes the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the community, enables democratic local decision-making and action, and acts on behalf of
the city’s people.

The Project

The Building Consent Services team at Tauranga City Council were needing to have a biannual audit conducted in relation to their building control authority. Due to a combination of staff issues and issues from past audits, they wanted to ensure it ran smoothly and they could get ahead of any problems. As such, they were wanting a pre-audit – like a mock audit – done to see how they were placed, and therefore engaged the Ruption team to do the job.

Why Ruption?

Ray Day, Manager of Building Consent Services Tauranga City Council, could see that the market was very limited for the sort of review they were wanting. They needed a team that was independent and would conduct the audit to identify any gaps or potential issues they might face. So, upon hearing of Ruption through the grapevine, they interviewed them and found them to be fit for purpose. Despite being on a short time turnaround, Ruption forged ahead to deliver.

The Outcome

Overall, Ruption performed really well and were thorough with their report. Ray found the exercise to be well worth it as it put them in a really good space for their actual audit. As such, Ruption smoothly went about the pre-audit and gave the Tauranga City Council a practical resource to work with. They also established and built a great relationship with Ray and the team as they had a mutual understanding of what was needed.

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