Case Study – Team Engagement and Process Review

Tauranga City Council

Tauranga City Council is the local government which promotes the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the community, enables democratic local decision-making and action, and acts on behalf of the city’s people.

The Situation

Due to some historical problems and issues from key stakeholders in the business, Ray Day from Tauranga City Council wanted a review into some of the roles to see whether there was a better way of managing people and workloads. Essentially, he wanted to ensure they had the right people in the right roles. In the same breath, it was important for him that everyone was looked after, engaged and in a position that would be most efficient for both the Council and the team members.

Why Ruption?

A solid foundation and good relationship had been maintained between Ray and the Ruption team, therefore it made sense that he approached them for the team engagement and process review. He believed they would understand the business – which they did – as opposed to having to reinvent the wheel by getting somebody new in and having to start from scratch. Ruption was chosen to provide this support because they not only had the experience to deliver the goods, but they could be trusted to work in partnership with Ray and his team as they had proven in other instances.

The Outcome

As New Zealand had just entered lockdown during the thick of COVID-19, the task was much more difficult to execute than both Ruption and Tauranga City Council initially thought. However, the Ruption team adapted and conducted interviews over video chat instead of face-to-face interviews. So, while the natural challenges that they faced at the time made it a bit more difficult that originally envisioned, they still got it done and the result was good. Ray and other members of the Tauranga City Council are currently working on some of Ruption’s recommendations as we speak.

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