About Us

At the heart of what we do, we love to solve problems.

Combining a team of experienced professionals in a variety of fields, Ruption is able to work with clients to identify the root cause of a problem and design a solution for it. Our clients come to us when they are frustrated or lost and are looking for an objective, outside voice to provide them some advice or take them on a journey.

To date, Ruption's main services have focused within the Building Compliance industry, assisting building owners and local government to improve processes. Projects have included system establishment, code of practice reviews, administration support, field audits, in-house pre-audits, and quality process reviews.

We have a highly qualified and experienced team made up of experts from across the Building Compliance industry. If you have a project, are looking for advice or assistance, we would love to have a chat with you.

Our Senior Management Team

Charles Kelly, Ruption's Managing Director

Charles Kelly Managing Director

With an MBA from Canterbury University and years of experience on senior leadership teams across varying industries, Charles brings his business knowledge and practical experience together to strategically lead the Ruption team and work with clients to help them solve problems.

Charles has specifically worked in the Elevator industry and Building Compliance industry and provides a practical and solutions-based approach to ensuring buildings are safe for people to occupy.

DaveW (1)

Dave Whyte General Manager

As the General Manager & Partner in Ruption, Dave’s role is to streamline the operations and delivery of Ruption’s services – we ensure people are safe in buildings and as a result Building Warrant of Fitness compliance requirements are met.

More than 30 years’ experience in building services and maintenance, including 12 years in senior management roles within the building services and building compliance industry – means Dave is well versed in all aspects of building services and compliance.


Rosemary Killip Strategic Advisor

The founder and owner of Building Networks, New Zealand’s leading authority on building and fire compliance training.

Rosie is a key strategic advisor to Ruption and has helped provide strategic guidance around the establishment of our BWOF audit services

Ruption: a team of professionals who can assist in specific projects by custom designing a solution.

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