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  • Dave Whyte
    Regional Operations Manager, Chubb NZ

    I am proud to have had the privilege of working with Sharn Piper, whom has served his time professionally.
    Sharn’s positive energy, determination and desire for success immediately added value and further dynamic to our team’s depth, strengthening our account management, customised compliance solutions and portfolio growth.
    The high level of enthusiasm this individual displays is infectious, his energy and commitment to achieve the best, supports his entrepreneurial thinking from owning the initial introduction, prioritizing internal and external demands and the delivery of customer expectations.
    This gentlemen has a bright future and I look forward to seeing him excel in any capacity he commits to and being an asset to any organisation looking to take a refreshing approach in becoming a company of difference within their industry.

  • Viv Hardie FFMANZ
    Facilities Manager Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services Precinct

    I have worked with Charles on and off for nearly 15 years and have always been impressed with his problem solving abilities and dedicated customer service.  This commitment drives him to find innovative but practical, workable solutions is second to none.  This, coupled with an extensive knowledge of our industry and a huge appetite for any challenge has provided me with an enduring source of advice and support over the years.  I could not recommend Charles more highly and am absolutely delighted to do so.

  • Paul Johnson
    Fire Supervisor at Chubb NZ

    Sharn is very customer focused. He has show excellent results over a diverse base. Highly recommended.

  • David Long
    SPM Assets

    I have worked with Charles since 2013 to build and develop a range of strategic relationships and partnerships. Charles is an innovative thinker and decision maker, with a real focus on customer value through service and project delivery. He has an ability to understand customer perspectives and to develop tailored, innovative solutions to address business needs and challenges.
    I strongly recommend Charles to customers looking for innovative solutions to support business strategies or address business challenges

  • Rosemary (Rosie) Killip
    Educator, Trainer, Facilitator and Speaker. Expert in translating Building Law
    June 19, 2015

    Sharn is a very capable and committed individual. He has the ability to learn fast and apply the learnings immediately to his work environment. He takes compliance seriously and ensures that his clients are fully informed of options to ensure their building occupants are protected.

  • Brett Burgess
    Business Development Manager/Facilitator, Sales Impact NZ

    I had the pleasure of working with Sharn in 2010 to help develop his sales processes and systems. I found Sharn to be the someone of the highest integrity in showing the real values of doing the right by his clients. Sharn has grown his business over the last few years from a team of 4 to one the largest building companies in Hawkes Bay. This I believe is a direct reflection on how he treats both his clients and his fellow team members. I have no hesitation in recommending Sharn.

  • Steve Danko
    Owner, DankoSec (NZ) Ltd

    I continue to be impressed with Sharn’s positive enthusiastic energy and outlook in assisting businesses with their sales processes whenever our paths cross. I have also attended a Sales Systems Development course with Sharn which I found very rewarding and it has definitely helped us to win more business sales. I wish I knew about this years ago!

  • Anthony Simons
    Owner, Brandstorm

    Sharn has transformed our business! BIG statement right? To say we are loyal raving fans is a testament to the service and training we received.

    Brandstorm invested in training with Sharn and being a small business investing in any training is a big decision, BUT, it has been one of the best investment for our business to date. I personally have been through a few courses in my professional career, and have found this training superior to anything to date because of not only the training and insights but the implementation.

    As an example, the first sale after our initial time with Sharn we increased the value of that sale by 25% ($1200) through simply identifying the value of our service to our new client.

    We are excited about our sales growth and passionately refer Sharn at any opportunity.

  • Nicole Quin
    Owner, Happy Communications

    When I started my own business in June this year, I realized pretty quickly that I lacked a sales process that could not only help me find prospects, but convert these into sales.

    Sharn understood exactly what I was going through. He talked about the Sales Impact training and demonstrated how their process has helped other business like mine grow.

    The course was engaging, interesting and really practical. After 2 days, I had a process and a pipeline ready to prospect. I’ve since pitched and won great work all due to this amazing programme. If you want a programme that works, call Sharn.

  • Bharat Mehta

    I recently attended the sales impact training course facilitated by Sharn Piper.
    I found the course itself informative and it provided a process to apply for new business prospecting and referral strategies.

    I finished the course both motivated and armed with tactics I can implement quickly to both improve the volume of new business opportunities and the overall quality of customer and opportunity.

    My own strategy and the strategies proposed by Sharn were quite aligned, however Sharn was able to provide tactics and processes to support the strategy and achieve success more effectively.

    The course was made all the more meaningful due to Sharn’s input, perspective and passion.

    I feel that he genuinely cares about my business and wants it to succeed. His experience and the way he conducts his own business reflects the course itself. In other words, he “Walks the talk” as opposed to other trainers and facilitators I have come across.

    I recommend Sharn.

  • Rory Laubscher

    I wanted to say a heartfelt “thank you” to Sharn for the Sales training I underwent with him. Sharn was recommended to me by a trusted business colleague and I found it very easy making the decision to invest in the training he was proposing.

    I opted to work with Sharn, partly because I knew my Sales skills needed to be overhauled, but mostly because he came across as exceptionally sincere and dedicated to providing great customer service – I fully believed that I could trust him and that the training I’d undergo with him would positively impact my business. I was not proven wrong. After the 16+ hours of training we did together I can honestly say that Sharn loves what he does, and he does it well.

    I believe I have learnt some incredibly valuable lessons and strategies that will make a difference to my business in 2018. I am currently working through the homework and revising the knowledge imparted to me, and throughout this revision process I’ve had the ability to make contact with Sharn when I’ve needed help.

    I believe I have established a valuable relationship with a very skilled and genuine person. I respect the integrity with which Sharn approaches business and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to other businesses/individuals who need to review and improve the way in which they generate and convert leads.

  • William Cheong
    Owner, REDE

    I have been through many other Sales training programs and I must say that Sharn tailored their approach to be specific to my business.

    Everything was well thought out and Sharn’s passion to see other businesses succeed with the program really shows in the training. Everything was well thought out.

    Even down to the candidates I did the training with. It was disclosed at the end of the course that we were carefully selected as we would be able to compliment each other in terms of referrals.

    I liked that some thought was put into this. This exemplifies the rest of the course material and exercises.

    A well thought out program that I would recommend to others to complete.

  • ECL Group

    Sharn was an integral part of the strategic planning and start-up phase of ECL Group Compliance Services. Sharn’s unlimited enthusiasm, determination, and desire for personal success is a key part of the overall success of our new business unit.

    Sharn’s sales knowledge and consultative skills have been well received by the new customers he has brought on board. Additionally, his ability to act in an advisory capacity with the New Zealand Building Act adds an extra dimension to the service he provides.

  • Arama Mataira,
    Walk Together

    After receiving feedback form several different sources, I finally conceded to needing help with sales. I was reluctant to go down this path, and I had a dominant deficit discourse telling myself I was no good at selling, and that I didn’t want to be a sales person.

    I was referred to Sharn, Sales Impact NZ, by a friend who recognised I needed specific steps to help me become unstuck. At the first meeting, Sharn uncovered my exact needs with ease. I was expecting a typical sales approach which really turned me off, however I soon realised this was not your average sales training.

    Through process alone I have been able to appreciate that people are actually looking for the service I provide, they are happy to pay, and they save money in the long run when I engage them with my service. I can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing the only thing stopping my business from thriving was my own mind-set and a solid process to guide my development

    Sharn is a fun, experienced and competent facilitator. My expectations were exceeded not only because of the knowledge I have gained, but because Sharn is always there to help me through tricky moments I’m unsure of. He is on point with coaching and mentoring and I have been and will continue to highly recommend this service.